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Reliable Electrical Repairs in Farmington, NM

Your electrical setup is one of the most useful components within your home or business. Consequently, it’s also one of your most USED components. This usefulness can  inevitably lead to wear and tear over time.

But don’t let the inevitable wear and tear dishearten you. Just call up the expert electricians at Fixmatic Electric for all of your electrical repair needs!

At Fixmatic Electric. We can get your electrical components running like new and keep them running that way for a good, long time to come thanks to our top-quality electrical services!

ceiling fan repairs farmington nm

Ceiling Fan Repairs

Have a wobbly or noisey ceiling fan? Call our pros for reliable ceiling fan repairs.

A ceiling fan is a great installation indeed. It keeps you cool and soothed at night with its lackadaisical paddling. Should this wonderful installation have any issues, don’t sweat. Instead, just call up the experts at Fixmatic Electric for a quick ceiling fan repair!

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electrical troubleshooting farmington nm


Have an electrical problem you can't explain? Leave it to us. We offer expert electrical troubleshooting services to get to the root of your electrical repair needs.

Perhaps the only thing worse than having a problem with your electrical setup is having such a problem and not knowing WHAT’S causing it. If you want to get that cryptic problem handled without enduring the expense and the headache that come with randomly poking and prodding about to discover its source, then call up Fixmatic Electric today for a quick and reliable troubleshooting!

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lighting repairs farmington nm

Lighting Repairs

Flickering lights? Lights that just won't turn on? Call us for lighting repairs!

Life without light is a dark thing indeed, and should your home’s lighting have any issues, you’ll be living a dark existence indeed. If you want there to be light in your life, just call up the pros at Fixmatic Electric once your lighting lights out, and we’ll brighten your future with a quick and quality lighting repair.

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outlet repairs farmington nm

Outlet Repairs

We also offer electrical outlet repairs to take care of dead and faulty outlets, which can affect your home's overall electrical safety.

Few things in life are as worthy of a palm to the face as that moment when you plug something in only to be greeted with a cold, dead device. Broken outlets are a real headache, that’s for sure, but the process of bringing them back to life doesn’t have to be one -- not when you can just call on the outlet repair experts at Fixmatic Electric!

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gfci outlets farmington nm

Farmington, NM GFCI Outlets

We install and repair GFCI electrical outlets.

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) electrical outlet is a great device for ensuring that neither you nor your valuable electronics suffer from a sudden shock. Should this safest and most useful of installations have any problems, though, don’t fret. We at Fixmatic Electric can get it running again in no time with a quick GFCI outlet repair!

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